Straight trousers, marked waist and side pockets. Fabric; 75% polyester, 20% rayón, 5% spandex

45,00 €

Pumpkin pencil skirt, long the knee with elastic waistband in the back court

35,00 €

Pinafore black colored dress with crossed behind our backs and marked waist straps. Fabric; 75% polyester, 20% rayon, 5% spandex

49,00 €

Flared type short skirt with elastic waistband , blue polka dot pattern. Knit fabrioc. Composition; 97% polyester, 3% spandex

35,00 €

Straight pants pockets polka dot patterned. Fabric; 100% polyester

50,00 €

Short skirt with pockets on the front, mustard coloured

45,00 €

Culotte pants with marked waist and high shot. Invisible zipper 

40,00 €

Flared skirt with elastic waistband, mosaic pattern in blue and gray tones

42,00 €

Culotte white loose cut jumpsuit, V- neck on the back perfect to wear a bra without the appearence of it, short sleeves and ribbed textured fabric 

48,00 €

Polka dots short jumpsuit, loose cut with the upper tighter, leads inside pockets on the sides

60,00 €

Relaxed fit short jumpsuit with pockets. V neckline in the back perfect to wear a bra without being seen. Ribbed textured fabric

38,00 €

Culotte black jumpsuit loose cut with front pockets, V-neck line in the back  perfect to wear a bra without  being seen. Ribbed textured fabric

48,00 €
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